Who is Aadhe ?

Hi! Catta Lyst
I am the fashion designer, textile print designer, and owner of Aadhe. 
I'm a multidisciplinary artist from Canada


What inspired you to create AADHE ?

I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear, Everything was so basic! lacked life! lacked soul! So, I decided one day after I got a divorce, to just go after my dream! create vibrant, statement making streetwear that blends my two cultures together and has a social conscious mindset. Put my story of being Queer, Canadian, Punjabi, hustler into my artwork! And within 6 months I was showcasing at New York Fashion Week! 


What motivates you to continue to create?

Aadhe means Half. I'm born and raised in Toronto but I'm also of Punjabi Indian descent. That duality of being dual-cultured gives a unique sense of fashion. I am completely in love with colour, specially NEONs!! Punjabis are very bright people... but I also love the comfort and look of streetwear from the streets of Toronto. So, I merged the two cultures together to make vibrant, statement making, high quality, sustainable, comfortable streetwear! Seriously, I get a creative spark everywhere lol I'm always finding inspiration in the everyday, and I'm very proud of that. It's great for when I'm creating the textile prints for each of the garments, yes I make all the artwork myself! 


How do/would you like to empower others?

At Aadhe we hold monthly events to showcase local creatives with partnership with the BIPOC Creatives Incubator, a program we launched for local BIPOC creatives to collaborate, learn vital entrepreneurship skills, and help start a decolonization journey through their artistry. This initiative started because of the need to increase generational wealth for the BIPOC diaspora, with a special spotlight on queer trans BIPOC communities.


Any key other details you’d like to share about your brand or yourself?

I'm a mum and I vow to make this world a little safer for kids and the next generation. I want to see people live in their authentic self, no need to hide, no secrets, just proudly live in their truth.