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Hemp Baseball Cap

Size One Size
Color olive
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This high-quality, durable cap is designed for individuals who believe in interconnectedness and sustainability. When you purchase this cap, you not only acquire a remarkable product but also contribute to the support of environmental non-profit organizations, regardless of your gender identity.


Embrace Sustainable Protection: Our Fair Hemp low-profile baseball caps offer superior ultraviolet protection (UPF 50+) compared to traditional cotton caps, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their gender identity, stays shielded from harmful sun rays.

Exceptional Durability: Hemp has been renowned for centuries for its strength and durability. This cap is built to last far longer than a traditional cotton cap, minimizing waste and promoting longevity for all individuals.

Environmental Impact: By replacing 1000 traditional cotton baseball hats with Fair Hemp hats, you help save over 44,000 gallons of fresh water that would otherwise be used in cotton production. Additionally, over 72 pounds of chemicals and pesticides are kept out of our environment, making a significant positive impact for all.

Recycled Plastic Strap: This quality-constructed hat also incorporates recycled plastic in its strap, further reducing waste and supporting sustainable practices, benefiting all individuals and the planet.


Sustainable Composition: Made from a blend of 55% hemp and 45% cotton, weighing 6.8 oz, this cap combines the natural strength of hemp with the comfort of cotton, offering a perfect balance for individuals of all gender identities.

Adjustable Snap Closure: The plastic snap closure allows for easy and personalized adjustment, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for everyone.

Structured Design: With a structured, 6-panel construction and a curved bill, this cap maintains its shape and style over time, providing a fashionable option for individuals of all genders.

Size: One Size: This cap is designed to fit most head sizes, offering a versatile and inclusive solution for individuals of all gender identities.

Eco-Conscious Production: To prioritize environmental and human-friendly practices, this cap is made on-demand. Once you place your order, we will craft your cap within approximately a week, and we will promptly send you tracking information once it's on its way to you, regardless of your gender identity.

Indulge in the perfect blend of sustainability, durability, and style with this remarkable Fair Hemp cap. By choosing this product, you actively contribute to environmental conservation and support non-profit organizations dedicated to sustainability, regardless of your gender identity. Make a conscious choice and wear a cap that not only protects you but also promotes a greener future for all individuals.